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Top 10 Christening Sweets


From our experience the most popular Christening Sweets are


1. Giant strawberries, fizzy or not, are the most popular sweet chosen by brides and grooms. They also don’t contain gelatine so are suitable for your veggie guests!


2. Pink and white chocolate mice; strawberry and cream flavoured white chocolate and perfect for the little ones who will take delight in nibbling their heads off!


3. Fizzy cola bottles; in 2009 beat their non-fizzy version into second place as Britain’s favourite sweet ever! To save disagreements we have giant, regular, fizzy, non-fizzy, cherry, bubblegum and even milk flavoured!


4. Flying saucers originate from Victorian times. Rice paper was pressed into a pouch and filled with medicine and sugar to make it taste nicer! If you choose them for your wedding we’ll make sure they’re just filled with yummy sherbet and no icky medicine!


5. Blue raspberry bon bons are guaranteed to leave your tongue bright blue and to have guests coming back for more! If you don’t fancy blue raspberry we can get them in 10 different flavours including popular lemon and obscure watermelon!


6. Milk chocolate jazzies; there’s confusion over the name of these yummy chocolate discs covered in hundreds-and-thousands; are they jazzles, gems or jazz drops? And if you’re Australian they’re ‘chocolate freckles’!


7. Jelly Babies were launched as ‘Peace Babies’ in 1918 to commemorate the end of World War One.


8. Cherry lips; can be either the heavily perfumed retro lips that hit you with floral soap, or modern cherry flavoured gummy lips. Either are great at a wedding!


9. Love hearts were first produced as a Christmas cracker filler in the 1950s. Princess Diana was honoured with a personalised pack when she visited the factory in 1990, with names including ‘Prince William’ and ‘Prince Harry’ on each sweet. We can’t promise that, but we can guarantee your guests will have fun passing each other messages on the dance floor!


10. Shrimps are foamy hard marshmallow raspberry shrimp shaped oddities, or why not try their best friend the humble foam banana!


Your tastebuds will be tingling and your memory taking you back now we’ve talked you through our top 10 sweets! Whether or not you agree or disagree with our choices, the good news is you can choose your own favourites in all our sweet packages, why not visit us and test our sweetie knowledge? We reckon we’ll find that sugary memory for you, no matter how obscure!


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