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We are often asked what sweets should I choose?


This is definately your choice and most people who book our Sweet Cart already have an idea of what sweets they want at their event.


Sweets have a unique way of taking us back to our childhood… countless walks to the shop to choose our favourites from the shelves lined with treats. In return for our pocket money, we’d treasure that scrunched up paper bag full of sugary goodness; choosing what we’d scoff and what we’d savour, hoping siblings and friends didn’t get to them first!


With wonderful memories for young and old, sweets are a must on your wedding day whether on a beautiful vintage sweet cart, table buffet display or as favours. But how on earth do you choose out of the hundreds of different sugary morsels?!


If you're looking for some inspiration then take a look at our top 10 sweets for events.


Top 10 sweets for




  • 80's Party


Themed Parties

Willy Wonka

Frozen Birthday Party

Halloween Party

Christmas Party

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